The history of innovation.

Innovation can mean different things to different people, but the definition is about new ways or new products. It can also include new processes or ways of thinking. Whatever happens, innovation is about change and doing things differently.

Why is innovation such a great thing? Well, it is about progress and those who pursue such acts are likely to be the ones who throw the rule books to the dogs.

Albert Jack in his book on innovation described the history of innovation and a few that still sticks in my mind are about the advent of innovation. For thousands of years, the majority of the people must have been fascinated about the way things were, but a few curious people must have asked the question “why not?. Why are we not allowed to go over the hills or try that forbidden fruits or other things like meat on fire, despite the risk of the meat being burnt. Jack continued in this wonderful book that investigated the origins of innovation to the stage that we find ourselves in the 21st century enjoying the fruits, failures and successes of those who were bold enough to ask the question. You can also imagine that for every invention, there would have been others who would have said ‘ you can’t do that’ or ‘that is impossible’.


The essence of innovation is therefore the curiosity or the quest to find a solution to a problem. In some instances, innovation has come about by chance, some innovators might have even lost their lives in the quest to answer the questions that bothered them so much.

Every organisation, business or person must constantly ask the question ‘if not, why not’. The answer to the question might not always be positive, but that does not mean that someone else is not trying to answer that same question and some will spend a life time looking for a solution. Many of us might be technically or even creatively challenged, but that does not preclude us from challenging the status quo.

Innovation is that part of our lives that helps to bring new things to the rest of us. It is a mean that helps to serve the human curiosity. It is a continuous process that quenches our thirst for knowledge, in return, we get better development as a result.

For those interested in the history of This topic try, Innovation: Awesome inventions: inventors and business ideas that changed the world.

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