Entrepreneurship in schools

Many people have criticised the current education system as being out of date. Some have gone as far as saying the system is ‘not fit’ for the new ways of working. There is a need to modify the the school curriculum to allow for entrepreneurship to be a part of what is being taught in schools.

Not every child is an entrepreneur, but we will be missing a great opportunity if we don’t encourage and design a system that allows those that will succeed to develop. Entrepreneurship is risky and difficult to capture. Not every child with the dream of starting their own businesses will succeed.

If the school system is failing these young people, parents have a role to play in supporting their children. They must encourage and provide them with confidence and continue to tell them it is ok to take risks and follow their dreams.

I hope you will enjoy the stories of these teen entrepreneurs.

One thing resonates with all the stories, let the children follow their dreams and their passions.