Teaching lesson of the week

Things may not always work out the way we plan it.

There are always challenges and I sometimes could feel the frustrations of students, especially international students when things don’t go the way they want or expect. Trying to get the balance between understanding a new culture, coping with Covid-19 restrictions, being away from home, trying to meet assignment deadlines, never mind the weather as you try to settle down in a new town or country can suddenly become all too much.

Hanging in there

These are challenging times and for students, especially post graduates and first year students, there are no better ways to learn than from the challenges of the current pandemic. With many businesses closing and several employees being furloughed, international students are going to find it challenging to get the much needed part time jobs that will help them to get a foot on the job ladder. That being said, they must persevere. Yes, it is frustrating to keep getting knocked down, day after day and applications after applications, life can sometimes be a rollercoaster. Remember the knocks will make you stronger. Tough times make us better, bumpy roads make us enjoy the smooth rides.

The last few years have seen the rate of unemployment going up even before the pandemic. This is has gotten worse recently, but we must remember that bad times don’t last and when things are tough, we must be ready and willing to hang tight and hang in there.

Safety first

This week, it’s really about continuing to keep safe, prepare as you get ready for the season of assignments due for submission and we look forward to the Christmas celebrations and a new year ahead. This year’s celebration is likely to be a very different.

There is good news on the way, with the COVID-19 vaccines now ready to be rolled out, the lesson of the last few months is to appreciate the little things.

Having fought and worked so hard to get our global freedom, it takes something like a virus to get us back to thinking about things that are critical and important to all of us.

But remember that every new day brings new opportunities and a chance to start afresh.

Please in touch with classmates, friends and family members, support each other in this trying times and if you see a friend or class mates struggling, he or she may need a shoulder to cry on.

If you are falling, fall forward, stretch your hands, you might catch someone or be caught by friendly hands.

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