Wastage and opportunities

On the 22nd August 2019, there was an outcry in the UK about the possibility of the proposed High Speed (HS2) rail link between London and the northern part of the England being scrapped. So far nearly £7billion had been spent on the HS2 and the project is likely to Continue Reading

The importance of good communication and empathy

On my recent travel to Nigeria, I planned to visit Abuja, but a few hours before my flight, I received an email that my flight was going to be delayed by an hour or so. It was not a big issue, so I quickly rescheduled plans in Abuja. Unfortunately, the Continue Reading

Buying a business or starting from scratch

Entrepreneurship can sometimes feel like a long journey into the wilderness. The roads are full of curves and you can expect to find the unexpected on your entrepreneurial journey. For entrepreneurs with great ideas and funding, the roads can feel less treacherous, but not everyone is that lucky. The general Continue Reading

Continuation of the book “Entrepreneurship” by Bygrave and Zacharakis.

This book is full of ideas and steps for aspiring entrepreneurs and as previously mentioned in my other blog, definitely worthy of a read. There are different types of reasons why people turn to entrepreneurship, from being tired of being told what to do or just not being able to Continue Reading