10 reasons to become a successful entrepreneur

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Why successful entrepreneurship

Many people want to become successful entrepreneurs, but only a handful manage to make it. The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones able to motivate themselves out of the rut when the goings get tough. So if you are still looking for  motivation, here are a few things to consider.

Here we go

Freedom to work anywhere and at any time. Imagine Richard Bronson working on his island, overlooking the beautiful sea in the morning.  A few moments later, he jumps on  a private jet to a conference where he is a keynote speaker. With one success leading to many others. You may also live anywhere in the world. If you don’t like a country, you have the freedom to migrate. Every country needs entrepreneurs who will help to create jobs.

One of the most precious gifts that we all have in the same quantity but successful entrepreneurs are able to maximise is TIME. Whilst most mere mortals like us exchange our time for money, successful entrepreneurs can delegate their work to others. Most importantly, they can also use the power of others to make themselves more productive and hence richer. Whilst politicians debated the increase  minimum wage to $15 an hour, Jeff Bezos managed to rake in an average of $13 million an hour in 2020 at the height of the pandemic. Not bad at all.

Being a successful entrepreneur also provides you some kind of job security. You are the last person standing in your business. If you own the business entirely , you can’t fire yourself. More importantly, the financial security of being a rich and successful entrepreneur is part of the extra trimmings of success.

What about peace of mind?. No need to be wondering if you are going to be homeless or how to pay the next bill. Successful entrepreneurs tend to have most things that we ( the average Joe) struggle to comprehend to have, including physical and financial security.

Another advantage of being a successful entrepreneur is the right to a comfortable living or way of life. It may be in the form of travelling in style, living in a comfortable home or doing everything you dream about, but in style. Comfort has to be something to consider even when doing the most mundane of tasks.

If you are still not convinced that you need that extra push to be successful, then what about improving your health? You can get the best form of medical care, fly anywhere to meet the best doctors in their field, you can get a personal trainer or nutritionist to keep you healthy. You may even have the gym in your house or office, so if you can’t go to the gym, the gym can come to you.

It has often been said that having money gives you confidence. You may have noticed that successful people tend to have the confidence to talk to others without fear of intimidation.

Another reason to continue to strive to success is that if you are interested in toys, then being successful will allow you to buy a lot of toys, from the latest cars, private jets, yacht, land, you name it and you can afford just because you can.

Understanding finance is important for successful entrepreneurship

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Since we are on a roll, let’s try some other reasons, the richer you are, the more likely that other opportunities will cross your way. You have the opportunity to network with more successful people and be even more prosperous.

Now that you are successful, you can do even better by creating your own legacy. The company may continue after you are long gone. Henry Ford is still remembered today decades after his death. The same is true for many pioneer and successful entrepreneurs. Yours could be in any field or area you pick. It is about leaving your foot print in the sand of time.

Of course money is only one of the trimmings of success, it may not buy you happiness but many of us will like the experience of trying to find happiness with a load of cash in our bank accounts.

Endless holidays, time off or just fun when you feel like it. Some let’s us finish this off by discussing some of the reasons why some entrepreneurs are very successful. They love what they do. Warren Buffett is still going to work even though he is now over 80 years old. Same with Rupert Murdoch at 90 years old and Richard Bronson at 70 is probably just coming to his prime in terms of running his own business.

The moral of the story is that it is still worth chasing that entrepreneurial dream even if for only a few of the reasons above.

Seriously, success entrepreneurship is not defined by only what money can buy, but the fact that you are living your dream, following your heart and enjoying the journey of life.