Simple, yet brilliant ideas.

I am always interested in simple products that makes our lives easier, this time I got these ideas from a family member.

The first one probably came about because of our current search for new and better ways of protecting the environment, so we are all now worried about packaging and their environmental impact. The common toothpaste have been around for many years, so happy to find out that even the mundane every day toothpaste is going to be replaced with tooth cleaning tablets. It will take a bit of time to get used to the tablet, but I am interested in what others think.

The product sells on Amazon and you can click

Another brilliant idea is the use of washing eggs in your washing machine. The eggs are little particles in a small plastic container, you place them in the washing machine on top of the clothes and away you go. For £8, it can do more than 210 washes, probably enough to last a family for more than a year and there is very little packaging, less wastage and a lot less hassle with wayward powder.

The days when we all have to use the Kodak cameras that needed rolls of films are long gone, even the digital cameras may soon be replaced by our mobile phones. The selfie stick probably started because people hate to ask other to take picture for them or when they are alone or want to be in control. The new selfie sticks now have remote control, are retractable, tripod and incredibly light weight.

No self respecting Youtuber can survive without these simple gadgets and the prices start from around £12.00 on Amazon.

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