Rejection as a therapy

Rejection is tough but sometimes necessary entrepreneur must embrace it

There is no doubt that rejection sucks, but some people deal with it better than others. It may be deemed negative, but there are ways of coping with being turned down, whether gently or otherwise. You can always shrug it off and say ” its their loss”.

It is a lonely sport

Rejection can be a lonely sport. Are other people getting the same number of rejections as you are? A LinkedIn post a few weeks back got me thinking. Is rejection that really bad? There were so many words of encouragement to the writer of the post. It can act as the much needed wakeup call.

Entrepreneurs must expect rejection as part of what we do either in the form of a loan facility denied, customers not buying your product or a supplier refusing to supply their product or service. Rejection makes the feeling of exhilaration even better when things go well.

It does not matter whether you are trying to get a job or working to save the planet, the pain is the same. Mind you, it has taught me to be more compassionate to those annoying sales people selling investments, pensions, life insurance policies etc. to let them down gently whenever possible.

The link below takes you to a video of how to take away the sting from being rejected. Why take anything seriously?. Imagine applying for a job and then turning it down if offered the job because you have now decided to be your own boss?

Here is a video that might help A video

Coming close to being rejected is being written off as a ‘no hoper’. Imagine if you were Tiger Wood watching this video.

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