The future is Online training

The best education may be online. Earn whilst you learn

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The Lesson

One lesson from the current pandemic is that northing is certain. What we need is to continuously try to improve ourselves. As a teacher and trainer, I am interested in the best way to get good education irrespective of location. The current pandemic has made many companies move to online working and many universities to start to provide lectures and support to their students online. This has led to some critical questions on why we have not explored this option seriously before.

Face to face vs Online

Face to face training has many advantages, we connect better with people we can relate to, we can ask questions and we develop rapport through social interactions, but if we are unable to do this, then the next best thing is to learn without barriers. We can learn new skills and be trained from the comfort of our homes. Many universities are offering distance learning courses. The UK Open university has been offering universities degrees for over 50 years. They have teamed up with the private sector to offer some of the best courses including for example cyber security courses, courses on entrepreneurship, finance and the list goes on

FutureLearn Limited

For those interested on courses like Project Management, then Edureka also offers some courses

PMP Online Training by EdurekaProject Management courses

For those interested in short term training courses, especially in things like accounting to better manage your finance better, there is no better time than now when things are very slow and uncertain. You may want to try


Try the free tasters

Some of these courses are free, so search for the free ones or the ones that you can then use to add to some other courses in the future and upgrade your skills. These courses may help you to become more valuable or provide ideas to start your own business in the future.

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