Never retire, never grow old

Never retire, never grow old

‘We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing’- George Bernard Shaw.

As entrepreneurs, we must never let the thought of retirement cross our minds. Let me define retirement. This is the time when we stop being economically productive to others. We cannot even entertain such a thought. Why is this, most people live with one thing in mind, a time when they will be able to stop working and just sit around doing nothing. I do not believe we are designed to be unproductive. Yes of course you don’t want to spend everyday getting up in the morning and having to answer to a boss. No sir, not in your ripe old age. We have heard of several people who left everything they wanted to do until retirement and then died soon after retirement. So live everyday as if you are already having fun and living it to the full.

As a teacher and a blogger, I can see myself writing for as long as I can. Even when the fingers are too tired to type, I hope to be able to dictate my ideas into a machine. I can also teach until the students no longer want me in the class (ok that might be sooner than expected. If that happens, then, the pen becomes my fighting tool and I shall do that until the very end, well until I can no longer write.

Keep searching for what you can do later

If you have a job that you love, then continue to doing it, but on the side, you must find that pleasure that takes your mind off work, something that you enjoy doing enough to become your passion. This could be painting, gardening, coaching football, writing, even reading old books that you can then summarise for others to read. The internet has provided us with a place to dump our work and share our dreams. This could be on YouTube or through creating a website.

The true essence of living.

Why? If you have been reading my blog you will know that I love bringing incredible stories of the past to life. Men and women who were remarkable in life but still have an impact now that they are no more. Try the story of Helen Keller. The blind, deaf and struggle to speak woman. Born in the 19th century at a time when women were not even allowed to vote. She spoke on behalf of all disabled and marginalised people. How very brave. She was a writer and a campaigner for the rights of others.


The Helen Keller’s works continue to inspire us over 50 years since her death in 1968. What a remarkable story. She did most of her best work when she was over the retirement age.

Never slow down, never retire and never become unproductive to the society and the people around you. We become more valuable as we get older. We can give our best years as we get older. Pass the experience to others.

The things you love. Travel back in time

Do those things that you enjoy doing, take a train journey like you did when you are a child, walk in the rain and kick stagnant water. Play football, tennis and laugh with friends. Do those things that make you feel young everyday and you will never grow old. There are still men and women who continue to work into their 90’s and beyond. They love what they do enough to want to continue. By all means take a break, go on holidays for weeks, work intermittent days, but never let the thought of retirement or stopping cross your mind, unless you are physically incapable of doing so. Our brains are like sponges, you need to keep exercising them to keep them fit and well.

This generation has lived much longer than our grand parents and thanks to the advancement in technology, we can live a more active and productive life.

Keep moving forward and always have fun. There is only one life, live every one of those days as if its your last one.

As you get older, be a Badass person and note that age is just a number.

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