Mission accomplished

On the 28th May 2019 in the great city of Sopot, Poland,  I successfully defended my PhD thesis on “ The role of entrepreneurship on the economic development of Nigeria”. It has been a long and tough journey and there were times when I nearly packed it up, but so many incredible people encouraged me, especially when I lost my mother who had been my greatest supporter six months earlier. 

The viva was an experience on it’s own, there was a 30 minute presentation, followed by some tough questions by the external reviewers and the university professors. I was asked to step out whilst they deliberated. In what seemed like eternity, I paced down the corridors. When I was finally called in,  the vice dean of the faculty of economics, the two eminent external professors, several professors from the university as well as my wonderful supervisors stood as I was  given the good news. It was a unanimous decision with no need for any amendments. The rest of that ceremony was a blur.

Food and drinks flowed thereafter courtesy of the university.

As a child, it was my dream to teach at the university, but never thought it was possible. A few years ago after a career in accountancy at EDS/ Hewlett Packard, I decided it was time to pursue that dream, a speculative CV sent to a university got me a job to teach on the professional accountancy course. I subsequently started my PhD and then left my job at HP to pursue my dream as a university lecturer. I have loved every minute of my new career.

Nearly 5 years after I started, I was awarded my PhD  by a group of eminent professors.

I am still on cloud 9, it will take sometime before it finally sinks in. Teaching is not a job for me and specialising in entrepreneurship is a just pure joy.

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