Leadership lesson from the Royal family

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Sometimes it is difficult to keep all the jewels in the crown. The lesson from the UK Royal family

The royal family do not get enough credit for their strategic and management decisions skills. The current upheavals affecting them in the last few months have brought out the best in some of the members of the great institution. Some lessons that many businesses can learn from.

Anyone who has ever been unhappy at work or with family members will understand the need to start afresh. There comes a point when you may have to part ways with people you love or in the words of the Queen song ” they  want to break free”.

For some of us, it may be walking away from a business we started with partners, a family business or from an employer we have invested a lot of time in. It is always a difficult decision to walk away from people you know and love.

We are now captivated by the risk that Amazon’s Jeff Bezos took in leaving his $1m + salary in an investment bank. In Bezos case, the risk paid off, there is no glory without risk.

Rather than stick with a comfortable status quo, great people make bold and unpopular decisions. This is the reason I commend the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for trying to step out of their comfort zone to make an impactful life for themselves. It would have been easier to stay put, but glory is not about easy decisions, you must be willing to  swim  against the tide.

Entrepreneurs understand the need for freedom and the pursuance of personal and artistic independence. These decisions are never taken lightly. Many of us  wrestle with the decision to leave a well paid employment to pursue our dreams, even when we may be putting our families through  financial stress. There is only one life, we either live it or live with regret.

Most entrepreneurs know only too well what the Duke and Duchess are trying to achieve and we wish them well in their quest for freedom and financial independence. Just wished I had the same balls of steel at that age. Well done and best of luck to them.

For the best example of how to deal with a crisis, the Queen wins the award for speed, action, great communication skills whilst trying to keep the brand from being damaged beyond repairs. A very difficult balancing act under challenging circumstances when family members are involved.

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Dr. Ade Otukoya B.Sc, LLB, FCCA, MBA, PhD