Keeping children safe and educated during the pandemic

Supporting children with their education as they return back to school after the lockdown in many countries. We may need to provide more support than just hope the school with catch-up

As many parents know, keeping children safe is of paramount importance. So as children return back to school this week in the UK, we want then not only to be safe, happy and healthy. We also want them to continue to  explore their surroundings and make friends.

The pandemic has affected many adults and children may sometimes feel like caged birds in this very difficult times, so we need to  encourage and give them confidence.

There will be some challenges and worries about their education as well as being away from friends and families members. It will take a few years for many students to get back to normal learning. On the positive side, we have technology on our side and most children are more techie savvy than their parents. They learn quicker and can easily adapt to changes circumstances. We need to continue to support their learning over the long term

We need to continue to learn new things for as long as our brains can continue. As we get older, learning becomes more challenging, but it is essential for our growth. The more support you can give children, the better.

Let us be very frank, teachers have a lot of work to cope with even in normal circumstances, this has been made worse by the current challenges.  So, we may need to provide children with extra support to challenge them or at least to provide extra after school support. Some parents prefer one to one tutoring support for their children, others may have to share the tutors with other students. This can be anything up to £30 an hour per week. This can be a lot of money for many parents facing difficult times.

I have joined up with a company to provide after school support where tutors are shared and the number of students in each class with be a maximum of 6. You don’t have to trust my words, check this out for yourselves Tutoring support

More on the above, if its of interest to you

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