Never give up

Long journey


The journey

If you see life itself is a journey or a adventure. Never give up when you have challenges.

” It is not over…” is one of the best motivational speeches I have ever listened to. It was by the motivational speaker; Les Brown, titled ‘ It is not over until I win’. 

The speech reminded me of my young niece who had the same attitude. She hated not winning at anything, even a new game or sport. She would continue to play until she won.  Once she has won, the game was over, but not before. Its the spirit of never giving up.

As adults, we need the same dogged determination and the spirit to learn from our failures and confidently match on to future successes. Every sunrise is a new opportunity to start afresh, forget the past and live for now.

As we start a new year (2020), we must plan for a new beginning, be in control of our own destinies, learn from the past and confidently match towards our dreams and aspirations for the future.

Let never giving up be your mantra

A goal written down and broken  into small periodic plans is easier to achieve than one that is only manifested in our minds.  One of the biggest reasons we are not going for our dream is the fear of rejection or failure. It is not easy to take rejection as a badge of honour, but we must try not to see failure as personal. It is mostly not due to our skills or qualifications, sometimes the timing or the situation may not be right.

As entrepreneurs, every hurdle is an opportunity to learn and every failure a step closer to our destination. We must keep moving forward. Failure only happens when we give up. So lets keep fighting and keep moving forward.

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