Education with no child left behind

Importance of support outside of the classroom

More disruptions announced for return of children back to school in January 2021. There is no doubt that it is important to keep everyone safe, especially children.  The last few months with so many uncertainties must have tested even the most resilient of children.

It is bad enough during normal times but even more important to provide them with additional support that the schools may not be able to offer them.

The most successful people tend to be the ones who put in the extra time in. To be a genius in any field, you need to put in 10,000 hours of hard graft according to Malcom Gladwell in the Outliers. Not all of us  can put such hours in.

For athletes, this is extra sessions during off season, for students, it’s the after school work.

The secret of success

For many parents, the secret of success for their children may not always lie in what the teachers deliver in the classrooms. It is the extra work that the students take time to do. How can you help your child in a competitive world to strive to reach his or her full potential? The playing field is not level. Many parents pay to get their children to be tutored privately. It is like having your own personal trainer to help you keep fit, definitely much better than trying to do it on your own.

There are several examples of this in sports as in real life. Lewis Hamilton, the most successful formula 1 driver has credited her personal trainer; Angela Cullen for his success on track

For young people or children, they may be shy in asking questions in class, but during a tutoring session, they may be more willing to ask questions, get clarification and the much needed support.

Challenging times need demanding solutions

As a teacher, I know some students may be less forthcoming in asking questions and seeking help. This has been made more difficult during the current pandemic with school disruptions, uncertainties about school openings and how students can interact with each other.

Learning is about interactions and uncertainties can affect the flow of communication between the tutor and the students and amongst students.

This challenging time is probably the best time to provide confidence to the children through the provision of extra tuition to help settle their nerves. Doing it online within the confines of your home is a great way to keep an eye on your child and make sure they get the extra support. The options can vary from small groups to one to one sessions, the options should depend on the child’s needs and the parents’ preferences.


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