Going Bananas

Going Bananas



Everyone is going bananas, thanks to the drive to limit or reduce some of the impacts of our collective actions on the planet . Last week (22/04/2019), many people took to the streets of London, demanding  change to the policies that are detrimental to the planet.

Sustainable development, recycling, biodegradable products are some of the current buzz words and we agree that we need to act now. On our part, we are trying to convert waste banana stems into fibres (see below pictures).


Banana fibre has more potential than just for craft and basket making. The real breakthrough is that the fibre has been used for centuries in making clothes and  papers. The absolute gem though is blending these natural fibres. These natural fibres can be used  to make some cool textiles to replace cotton. Man made fibres and cotton do a lot of damage to the environment.

Imagine being able to use waste banana stems to replace not only cotton, but all the trees that are normally cut down to make papers. That will really help to preserve a big chunk of the rain forest, but we are a long way from that laudable dream.

Help us as entrepreneurs in finding solutions to these environment issues.

Offset warehouse Cool natural fibres as cloth

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