The future of education is learning with no barriers

In my earlier blog of 9th April 2019, I mentioned the changing landscape of education and training. The extent to which this sector is moving at speeds that few would have predicted a few years ago. The use of robots  to teach and the need for us to learn flexibly means that we want to learn without barriers.

In the process of researching new and innovative methods of learning, I stumbled on FutureLearn.  This is idea is bound to affect the way we learn. Yes, there is Open University and other distance learning institutions. This website though combines courses from different universities and many of these courses are free. Another advantage is that for a fixed amount, you can have unlimited access to great educational materials.


The degrees can be from a host of top universities from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia delivered to your home.



The courses vary from free Continuing Professional Development(CPD) courses or courses such as becoming a better manager are also free. There are also undergraduate and post graduate degrees but as can be expected, there are tuition fees to be paid for these ones. 

There are subjects to cater for every need from cyber security, finance manager, Human Resources, project management etc

FutureLearn Limited

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