Finding the Pot of Gold

As a teacher, the pandemic creates additional stress for students’ well-being as well as their educational needs. Whilst the health experts are pondering about health issues, teachers worry about the long-term effects of the pandemic on the education of our future leaders.

So, I started to explore.

We need a system that will meet the current and the future needs of  our children.

An online system with recorded lessons, based on the National curriculum with exercises, assessments, instant feedback, games to keep children engaged and rewards to keep them motivated.

It must be flexible enough to allow each child to go at his or her own speed, record of their achievements for parents to monitor progress and affordable to all. Where is Albert Einstein when you need him?

The race was on, so whilst the scientists were busy with the vaccines, we, the teachers are doing our bit as well. As they struck gold with the vaccine, we hit the solution as well and the result…. OK not as dramatic. I found a company that has what I have been looking for.

It is like finding a pot of gold in the middle of the desert or winning the lottery (only better).

It would have taken years to achieve, but why wait, why reinvent the wheel?. Why not join up with them to make sure the children get what they want.

Here we go, check out the result Click Here


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