“Failing forward’ by John Maxwell

Failing forward

woman falling forward


Failing forward but gracefully.

The Corona Virus or Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdowns of  countries and cities have given many of us the opportunity to read some books and take stock. ‘Failing forward’ by John Maxwell is one of the highly recommended books

We are all facing unprecedented challenges. Some of the effects of what we face now will continue to impact on our lives for many years to come. Whilst some people will lose out as a result of this pandemic, many others will be remembered for their selfless services. Many small business will face difficult times even when things finally return back to ‘normal’. It is estimated that this pandemic is costing the UK alone around £2.4 billion a day, if we multiply that across the world, we can expect a global contraction of at least 10% this year.

Challenges make us stronger

At a time of crisis, it may be easy to pull back and be afraid of making mistakes, but John Maxwell in his book “Failing Forward” wants us to embrace the concept of failure and change our attitude to challenges. If we are not failing, then we are not trying hard enough.

There is a saying about success being defined as “the ability to move from one failure to another without loss of enthusiasm”. This type of attitude will be greatly needed during these challenging times.

The lesson

When the current pandemic is over, the lessons will help us to determine the things that are really important. We depend on each other and things that seem insignificant at first can turn out to be critical later. The images of great companies struggling, huge airports and institutions of learning laying empty, streets without activities are inconceivable only a few months ago.

These are strange times, but as many people struggle, we must remember to learn from this experience and fail forward. History will judge us by our hearts of kindness and how we look after the most vulnerable in our midst and not the way we rushed to protect ourselves whilst we leave others to suffer alone. It is a great experience and an opportunity to help ourselves.

There are companies making their staff redundant at this critical and difficult times. We must take heart that bad times are always temporary and the good times will soon return. There is always a rainbow at the end of the cloud. This may be a time to enjoy the serenity of silence. You may be interested in Thinking of the next mile

We need to develop new ways of operating and doing business. This crisis will teach us lessons in  leadership under fire. It is also a time to take advantage of online training and may be watching movies with the family here is one  Great film


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