The purpose of entrepreneurship

The purpose

There is no doubt in the popularity of entrepreneurship. What is the purpose of you becoming an entrepreneur?

Everywhere we turn there is someone ready to teach or sell some ideas about entrepreneurship to us. The main purpose of entrepreneurship though is to serve and to find solution. Let’s put this in  another way, entrepreneurship is about providing goods and services that will fix people’s problems. Entrepreneurs try to make life easier or tackle problems or try to raise living standards.

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So what is wrong ?

The main issue is that we have been shown what money can buy, we have climbed the hierarchy of needs and now we want to satisfy not just our basics needs, but also our needs for other non essential things. We don’t want to just get from A to B, we want to do so in style. There is nothing wrong with that, but entrepreneurs who return to that basic rule of how best to serve our customers have a fair chance of being successful.

In his book, ‘The power of intention’, Dr Wayne Dyer wrote about the importance of your intentions to serve people better and things will change.

It is difficult not to chase money in the pursuit of our goals. Of course we have piles of bills to pay and we are bombarded by the latest things that money can buy. So we need money to satisfy our needs, but we must remember that money does not make us happy and neither is it transferable to after life. So whatever we want to do, we must do so now.

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The entrepreneurship dream

The purpose of entrepreneurship and life in general is the legacy we leave behind. That sounds heavy right? Especially if we are just trying to make a living.

Everyday, we must strive purposefully towards that goal. For those of us lucky enough to be entrepreneurs, the legacy can reverberate over many years to come. If you have not read the story of Howard Schultz of Starbucks. You must read about his incredible journey to a $4.5 billion fortune. What is really important is tenacity. His idea of a coffee shop which he picked up from Italy was initially rejected by over 200 investors who believed the idea was unprofitable. He continued to push because he believed in his purpose. He wanted to serve people and introduce his idea to the world. Of course it was not easy being turned down time after time, but he eventually succeeded. You can do the same.

If your purpose is to serve people better, help to improve lives, then the result of your entrepreneurial venture will outlive you. Focus on you and be the best version of yourself. That will bring happiness and fulfilment.

Look out for my blog on the incredible Admiral McRaven who said in a speech to the graduating students of the University of Texas “If you want to change the world, start by laying your bed”

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Be doggedly determined and keep going.