Entrepreneurs who started young

There is no age limit to follow your dreams, most importantly, you are never too young to be an entrepreneur. The younger sometimes, the better. Entrepreneurship is about risk taking and the young are the most unafraid when it comes to taking risks. This sometimes make them some of the best, most innovative and unafraid entrepreneurs.

Not everyone will know what they want to do from a young age. Most parents are only too happy to help, encourage and nurture these incredible, brave and smart entrepreneurs in whom future unlimited possibilities lie.

The clip below is both inspirational and a lesson to all about the importance of entrepreneurship. Some of these young ones have made more money in a few years than most of us can dream in a lifetime.

It is also important that we start teaching our young people to think not only in terms of education, but also about their future passion. What do they see themselves doing and enjoying in the future. It is no longer about respectable or money making, but happiness.

More that every before, we are now looking at the quality of our lives and that brings a new meaning to the way we work and how we live.

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