Entrepreneurs making an impact


There are great opportunities in Africa and entrepreneurs in that continent make do with very little, lack of capital, infrastructure and the list goes on, but I am always impressed by those trying to make things happen in Africa, from Rama Belkahia who had an article written about by the Financial Times (FT) about her company called Afrimarket. Rama took no notice of people who told her that Africa was full of obstacles but she rose to the challenge and is now one of the most successful internet businesses in West Africa.


For every one of those businesses featured in FT there are thousands of others just trying to survive. One of those is Closet32 accessories , a company set up by a mother to allow her to combine her love of jewellery making with looking after her child. So against all odds, these entrepreneurs are thriving and making an impact. These entrepreneurs struggle to get access to finance, but these are the businesses of the future and need patronage and support. These are genuine products sourced from the locals and will impact on people’s lives. The link below.

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