Entrepreneurs and innovation.


There are different definitions of entrepreneurship and who is or not an entrepreneur. One thing is certain, a real entrepreneur must be willing to take some risks. He or she must also be willing to break “the rules”. Here is what I mean by rule breaking. This is not about illegal activities, but about not following the beaten roads. If we do what everyone is doing, we will get the same result as everyone else. What is the fun in that? Entrepreneurs are those who understand the rules, but decide to turn things upside down.

Man has achieved so much because whilst our forefathers laid the foundation for us to follow, we have taken matters into our own hands. We were not contended to cross the ocean by boat to get to new found land like America, we wanted to there in hours rather than weeks, we were not happy to drive at 20 Miles an hour, rather at 70 miles, unhappy to take photographs and wait for days for the print or to get home to make calls.

Successful entrepreneurs are therefore those who can exploit our needs to do things quicker, faster, better or with less resources. This is what separates the innovative entrepreneurs from the rest of us who just want to make the usual things. The mobile phone, the Internet, the digital cameras, the iPad to name but a few are all new things that have helped to break the way we see the world, but that is because the people behind them see beyond our current limitations.

To those innovative entrepreneurs, a great salute and for those coming behind, the bar is constantly being raised, but every time a new product arrives on the market that blows our minds away, another is in the making ready to smash that record. There is no time to rest, there are so many things to be achieved and there is no time to rest on our laurels.

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