Education fit for kings and queens

The current system of education was designed over 100 years ago. Of course there have been many changes and updates but the basic elements of the way we teach or what we teach have remained the same. What do I mean by the same system in place over many years? Education was designed to create workers for companies. The people created by such an educational system are more likely to be compliant and obey managers who are the very few who manage to break through the ranks. They are mostly interested in keeping the status quo.

At the turn of the 20th century, the chances of people starting, running and passing their businesses over to the next generation were very slim. Hence very few people even aspire to start their own businesses and even when they have done so, the aspirations and dreams of the business owners were limited sometimes due to few examples of small organisations growing into larger ones.

Over the last couple of decades though, there has been examples of smaller growth companies who have done spectacularly well and we can all relate to them. Now, books written over 100 years ago on entrepreneurship have now moved to the top of the reading list. Entrepreneurship is now a buzz word and entrepreneurs are the new heroes.
Now every university teaches a course or two on entrepreneurship and to get that create juices going, you may need to study for an MBA, but why wait, let’s start teaching young children from an early age to be prepared to start their own businesses, develop their passion and get them thinking of the future where they help others and themselves because the future of work is changing and will be different in a matter of a few years.
Education needs to teach children to dream to be the kings and queens of their own future, with the flexibility that they have their own lives in their hands.
There are a lot of suffering from stress and mental health issues, some of these issues are job related. Research shows that many of us are unhappy at our work, this unhappiness sometimes spill over into our personal lives and can affect our well beings, so let’s at least start from the beginning and get things right for those coming behind. Let’s get their foundations right as we strive to improve the lives of the current adults.


Dr. Ade Otukoya B.Sc, LLB, FCCA, MBA, PhD