A customized rug or mat?

What is in a customized rug or mat?

Have you ever wondered why you did not think of a simple idea when it has gone viral?

I have to admit that I have not really given the idea of a customized rug or foot mat a lot of thinking, but occasionally, as I walk pass neighbours’ houses, I find some truly ingenious ideas. Never be surprised by the wonderful things that people use to decorate their homes, especially in England where the English  woman’s house is her castle.

Simple ideas are the best

One of the best things I love to do is constantly search for  new ideas being launched, especially innovative but simple ones.  On many occasions, the best product or service come from a combination of ideas from different fields merged into one. A customized rug is a novel idea

The success of many fast food chains is based on their ability to make delicious foods in record time, so imagine restaurants being able to do the same. This may also be the reason why Amazon has been so successful, every time I have ordered items, they have managed to beat their own records. They combine speed with easy ordering.

A personalized gift

I have never heard of Matten Welt; the German company that combines the non-sexy door mats or rug with your own canvas or family photo to give a very personal touch to your customized rug. What a gift that will make to a newly married couple or a family?. You can stare at yourselves in the middle of the day on the floor of your office or if you like as you step into your homes. You can canvas yourself and put it on the wall.

But why stop there, you can allow your imagination to run wild and put a picture of your favorite dog or cat on floor of your dinning room.

Click on the link below to explore their products and let me know your comments.



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