Truly “amazing” learning


Online learning provides a true chance for people to gain knowledge flexibly, without time and geographical barriers

The Open university (OU)  is the largest university by student registration in the UK. When it started in 1969, it was a pioneer in distance learning. It has now gone stupendously further by offering greater access to education and training.


The OU, through its subsidiary; Future Learn has now combined with over 40 top universities and organisations across the world to offer short courses, CPD and degree programmes. These courses are in different fields with many of them being free. Yes, FREE. You can take these short courses and put them towards an undergraduate or postgraduate course. You can also subscribe and get unlimited access to some wonderful short courses for £149 per year (normally £209 per year). How cool is that?

There is even a course on Entrepreneurship. You can start with a taster by clicking below for your free course.

FutureLearn Limited
Free courses on entrepreneurship

FutureLearn US

There is an MBA from Coventry University, Sharia Law from the University of Edinburgh and the courses vary from law, sciences, IT, engineering, history and the list goes on. All from the comfort of your home with support from great academics from these institutions and all you need is an internet connection. Truly amazing.


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