About Us

We help you create space even when the terrain is tough. We find a way.

The Enterprise Doctors (ED) difference

ED Provides business support, training and consultancy for entrepreneurial businesses and individuals. The ED belief is that entrepreneurs must be innovative to survive in the competitive market, this requires the support of experts in innovation and ‘blue sky’ thinking. Some consultants just provide advice, we live entrepreneurship because we have our own businesses that we constantly learn and apply new knowledge to, hence our advice to you will be from experience rather than theories.

Standing still in business or business as usual is no longer an option, the support of the most capable business experts will provide the required business edge for many 21st century businesses.

The journey into the distance starts with a few steps and the path may not be well trodden

Our Story

The business started due to experience gained in some of the largest organisations and how they operate. The experience of managing not only finance, but in deciding on the future strategies of your organisation. We continue to run our own businesses and apply our knowledge in helping others to succeed.

How can we help you?

There is strength in coming together

Dr Ade Otukoya PhD

Having worked as a junior auditor at KPMG, Ade then started his accountancy career in a professional organisation in London. He was the first finance manager for the company and set about implementing new financial systems, he subsequently joined the Electronic Data System (EDS) at the time, the company was the largest IT outsourcing company in the world. The company was later taken over by Hewlett Packard (HP). Ade was involved in some of the largest and complex IT out sourcing contracts during the time of massive changes in the UK.

The knowledge gained in both Finance, sales and operational delivery has provided the much needed edge to make a difference to many organisations. He is also an Associate Professor in Accounting.

Ade graduated with a B.Sc in economics from the university of Lagos, has a LLB from the university of West London, is a qualified accountant with an MBA from the university of Derby and has PhD from the University of Gdansk, Poland . His thesis was on “The role of entrepreneurship in developing countries”.

His dream is to bring entrepreneurship to people everywhere and make the study of entrepreneurship part of the school curriculum.

The rocky terrain is all part of the journey

We therefore believe strongly in innovation and strategic thinking that will allow entrepreneurs and organisations to perform at peak conditions, be flexible, innovative and be able to meet the challenges of the future.