A New Paradigm


The new world

A new paradigm signifies a new way of doing things. We cannot resolve our problems by thinking in the same way that created the problem. This was my main lesson from the ‘Seven habits of highly effective people’ by Steve Covey. Finding solutions by thinking differently.

One of the biggest lesson from the current pandemic is that there are  new ways of  doing things. Also, no matter how well we plan, the actions of others can seriously affect our result, we depend on others. 

There are few times in life when we have the opportunity  to review what we are doing. For the first time in our lives we have the opportunity to slow down. We are  forced to take stock,  confined to our own homes for several weeks by an unknown enemy.

This once in a lifetime opportunity creates a chance for us to help others.  Some companies are using this crisis to make maximum profits , others are doing good or using the opportunity to improve their processes.  This may be the time to step up and help struggling customers and clients.

An opportunity to change the way we operate and see things differently

It will take many years for the world to forget the lesson of this pandemic. I learn that some things are not as important as I originally thought. That people are more important and that life can easily be taken away in an instant. People who had given up a substantial part of their lives to companies were suddenly ‘furloughed’ or made redundant. That it does not matter how well developed our systems, processes or thinking, they can be challenged and taken to task.  we have missles ready for launch, planes that can be scrabbled in seconds and processes to combat attacks, but no defence against a virus.

It is in times of crisis, that we know the difference between  a manager and a leader. Leadership is about vision, empathy  and provides guidance but management focuses on resources, cost control and operational management. As small business owners we may need to perform both roles but the most focus should be spent on providing leadership.
A new paradigm is about finding new ways of looking at our issues or problems.

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