Leadership of the future- example from the young people of Kogi state

On my recent trip to Nigeria, I witnessed great leadership, its impact in a crisis and met some of the most amazing children under some difficult circumstances. I was travelling from Lagos to Abuja in Nigeria. The flight was delayed by several hours, but this group of children acted with Continue Reading

The challenge of entrepreneurship- making use of what you have

In August 2019 on a visit to Nigeria, I had the pleasure of travelling between Abuja and Makurdi by road. The trip took me across several states. The stretch of road was still mostly under construction and people with the knowledge of the country will tell you that there are Continue Reading

I believe I can fly

The song “I believe I can fly” by R. Kelly brings memories of youthful dreams and inability to understand reality that people are not meant to fly. As a child, I would sit and watch birds and marvel at the science behind aeroplanes as they flew over my house. Even Continue Reading