The Review of “Make money at home- cash on demand”

The essence of entrepreneurship is the need to make money and do things innovatively. This may include quick and easy ways of doing things and even new processes. It is therefore not surprising that entrepreneurs will be interested in schemes that will turn a simple process into cash and save Continue Reading

Never giving up and never in doubt

Once in a while, there are a couple of stories that warm the heart. Tara Moore was match point down losing 0-6, 0-5 and 30-40 in the tennis championship against a much higher ranked player (300+) higher in ranking and for all intent and purposes completely down and out. A Continue Reading

Agricultural technology and the rise of AI in farming.

One of the oldest, most labour intensive, rudimentary but most important occupations is farming. At a point in time, it was responsible for the employment of the vast majority of people. After the industrial revolution, the numbers of people employed in the sector dropped considerably, but many people are still Continue Reading