Entrepreneurship is about finding solutions to questions raised by others

Entrepreneurship is about the freedom to find yourself

Enterprise Doctors (ED) helps individuals and businesses to find themselves and the core of their operations through consultancy and training

Business Consultancy and Coaching

At ED, we love the fact that you want your business to be unique. Our job is to learn as much about your business and become a partner in the growth of your business. In it a lonely business being an entrepreneur, but we have been there and we know what it takes, so we will be there all the way with you on your journey to being the very best.

The secret of some of the best athletes may lie with the coaches who support, challenge, motivate and encourage them to greater heights. Do you need a coach to make you perform at your best? Contact us to help you get the best out of life.

Looking in the horizon

We are not only consultants, we are practicing entrepreneurs ourselves. We use over-ripe banana and plantain to make porridge and oatmeal, we convert the waste from the stem of banana into products that others can use as substitutes for plastics as banana fibre are bio degradable. Not happy with the above, we are also into damp treatment. We use environmentally friendly products to get rid of damp because damp can seriously affect the health of both adults and children

Access to Finance

Several researches have concluded that the biggest issues facing entrepreneurs in Nigeria is lack of finance. There are endless opportunities, but lack of affordable finance means that a lot of entrepreneurs can not scale up their businesses or take advantage of economies of scale. Most entrepreneurs have to allow opportunities to pass them by, but not any more.

We have partnered with several organisations in Nigeria to allow viable businesses to be able to take advantage of the opportunities to expand and we hope you will contact us when you need to take your business to the next level. There are also several grants and low interest loans that you may be able to access depending on your sector and business model.

Yes, the terrains may look rugged, but this provides for am interesting journey.

Financial and Strategic Training

Training is a critical part of learning and every organisation needs to set aside time to do some learning. At ED, we specialise in training that will make sure you and your staff understand the multitude of new regulations and you are taking advantage of the latest and the most innovative products that will continue to give you the competitive edge.

The journey to the top may look daunting from below

The difference with ED

The ED difference is that we are with you all the way. As entrepreneurs helping you to find a solution is what we do best. This may be in the form of new solutions, access to finance or helping your to network or work collaboratively with like minded people. Our job is to provide you with the best advice and support to make your business to succeed.

With extensive knowledge of the IT industry, it is no wonder that we sometimes make use of IT and even complex computer systems to help find a solution to your operational and cost management issues.

Other good things to weave into this copy include: awards won, distinctions given, number of products sold, company philosophy (just keep it short), interesting company history bits, and anything that makes a reader think you’d be awesome to do business with.

Mergers and Acquisition training in Poland

Next Steps…

Gazing at the horizon to see opportunities requires climbing the mountains, so that you can see further than anyone else.

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